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UDS14 Docking Station FAQ


1>This USB C dock is compatible for macOS. Please ensure the USB C port of your laptop supports USB C Alt-mode Display Output.

For the macOS laptop, please attach the dual USB C cable to HOST1&HOST2 to use. Please note that HOST1 can only control HDMI 1, and HOST 2 will control all ports except HDMI 1.

2>The connection cable is 3.3 ft long, to ensure a better display output performance, any longer connection cable is NOT recommended.

3>The charger is NOT included. Please attach your laptop power supply to the PD port for a stable usage.

Q: Is there an option for dual display port instead of dual hdmi? my monitors are displayport, not hdmi

A: An HDMI to Display standard cable can solve this issue


Q: Why is the device cutting off the laptop audio? Is there a way to solve this?

A: The audio output will automatically routed to your extended device, and you can change the default audio output on the laptop's system setup.
Such as for Windows 10:
1-Open the Start Menu.
2-Search for “sound” and click on the search result titled Sound
3-Click on Speakers to set it as the playback device.
Any further question, please feel free to contact us

Q: I'm wondering what Host 1 and Host 2 mean. Do they mean that you attach two laptops to the docking station at the same time?

A: NO.Host 1 and Host 2 is 2 port for the dual USB C cable which is connect to the laptop and USB C docking station.

Q: Will this docking station work on an windows laptop with dual monitors? i have a usb c port in my laptop. it will not work.

A: Please make sure your Windows laptop has a full-featured USB-C port. If your laptop only supports data transfer, not for Power delivery and Alt-mode DisplayPort, your laptop can't extend dual monitor and be charged when working with our dual-monitor docking station.

Q: Can i use 1 cable for mac and 1 cable for windows with out changing the cable out?

A: Please note that HOST1 will control HDMI1 and HOST 2 will control all ports except HDMI1.If you connect to 2 laptop,it would run unstable.

Q: Is cable included in the purchase?

A: There is one USB C cable(for windows laptop) and one dual USB C cable (for MacOS laptop)in the purchase.

Q: Is this a plug-and-play dual monitor usb c docking station or a usb c docking station that need to insatll a driver?

A: This is a plug and play dual monitor USB C docking station,there is no need to install any driver.

Q: Can the front usb c support display in this usb c laptop docking station?

A: Sorry to say the front USB C port in this USB C docking station dual monitor only support data transfer.

Q: Does this universal docking station need any setup procedures,or is it driver-free?

A: This universal docking station is plug and play, it is driver-free.

Q: My laptop do not have usb c port, but if use a type usb 3.0 to usb c converter, will this universal docking station work?

A: Sorry to say that this USB C docking station cannot ork with a USB 3.0 to USB C converter.

Q: Can i close my macbook and just display on 2 monitors? visa versa can i also keep it open?

A: You can close Macbook and just display on 2 monitors.Please attach the power supply to the PD port so all devices can run more stable.