About DisplayLink Technology

DisplayLink (formerly Newnham Research) is a semiconductor and software technology company. They developed DisplayLink USB graphics technology, which is designed to connect computers and monitors using USB, Ethernet, and WiFi. It also allows multiple monitors to be connected to one computer(extend the desktop of a virtual computer through a USB interface): DisplayLink graphics technology consists of virtual graphics card (VGC) software installed on a PC and a hardware rendering engine (HRE) embedded or connected to a display device. DisplayLink VGC software is based on proprietary adaptive graphics technology. VGC software runs on a Windows, macOS host PC and takes information from the graphics adapter and compresses and sends changes to the display since the last update over any standard network, including USB, wireless USB, Ethernet and Wi-Fi. Fi. After receiving the data, the HREconverts it back into pixels for display on the monitor.

In 2020 DisplayLink was acquired by Synaptics. Millions of people experience Synaptics technology every day. For more detail about Synaptics, here its official website: https://www.synaptics.com/

DisplayLink's key customers are notebook OEMs (Outstanding manufacturers, including HP, Dell, Lenovo, Targus, Lenovo, Kensington and others, have committed to DisplayLink USB graphics to power their new products), LCD monitor manufacturers (AOC, ASUS) and PC accessory suppliers (Startech.com, Targus, Belkin, Kensington, Plugable), supporting Microsoft Windows, macOS, Android, ChromeOS operating systems.

For more details about DisplayLink drivers, please check:

What is the DisplayLink: https://www.synaptics.com/products/displaylink-graphics/small-office

How Does it Work: https: //www.synaptics.com/products/displaylink-graphics/small-office/how

DisplayLink Benefits: https://www.synaptics.com/products/displaylink-graphics/small-office/benefits

Common Questions: https://www.synaptics.com/products/displaylink-graphics/small-office/faq

How to download the latest DisplayLink: https://www.synaptics.com/products/displaylink-graphics/downloads

Must Know for macOS User: https://support.displaylink.com/knowledgebase/articles/1916602-macos-catalina-10-15-screen-recording-permission

1> macOS Catalina 10.15 requires the user to permit "Screen Recording" in order for DisplayLink devices to work properly. The message is generated by the OS and the screen is not actually being recorded by DisplayLink. Approving it enables the DisplayLink driver to access the pixels it needs to render a mirrored or extended screens, and send the pixels over USB from your computer to the DisplayLink display. It does not send any data or pixels back to DisplayLink.

2> To approve the permission, please follow these steps: Apple Menu-->System Preference--> Security&Privacy->select "Privacy" tab->Scoll to find" Screen Recording" and check "DisplayLink Driver"

3> Since the screen is recording, you cannot watch any HDCP content(Netflix/Prime/ iTunes/Hulu...), the screen will be black.

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