How to Troubleshoot “macOS” is damaged issue

1. Description

For MacOS Ventura 13.0, if the version of macOS InstantView is R11 and beforethere may prompt box as below when run the macOS

Troubleshooting for macOS InstantView is damage issue.png

2. Root Cause

MacOS Ventura 13.0 enhances the checking of software notarization information in order to improve system security. The macOS InstantView application makes file copies during installation, which causes its notarization information to be lost with MacOS Ventura 13.0. Therefore, on some platforms, it will cause macOS InstantView damage and can’t be open.

3. Trouble Shooting

This problem comes from older version (R11 and before) of macOS InstantView is not compatible with upgraded MacOS Ventura 13.0. SMI had update macOS InstantView to support MacOS Ventura 13.0 from R12 release. There are two ways to solve this problem. One is downloading the latest macOS InstantView from Website. Another one is changing System Setting.

1) Download the latest macOS InstantView

Please download the latest macOS InstantView (R12 and later) from here: The new macOS InstantView can work fine with MacOS Ventura 13.0.

2) Change the system setting

Please follow bellows steps to change settings for running macOS InstantView if you are inconvenience to download the latest SW from Website.

a. Run “macOS”, prompt box as below, please click “Cancel”.

b. Open “System Setting” and click “Privacy & Security”, then click “Open Anyway”.

System Setting

Please enter password to allow this.

Please enter password to allow this

c. Then click “Open”, ”macOS” will run successfully. The prompt box will not pop up even if the software is reopened.

MacOS Instantview


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