Q: Would this work to run three monitors at once?

A: This dual monitor docking station can run three monitors but the HDMI 2 and VGA are the same display.

Q: Can you "extend" two monitors with only "one" usb-c cable, or do you need two use two usb-c cables to do this?

A: You need to use two usb-c cables to extend two monitors.

Q: Does it works with windows?

A: Sorry, this USB C docking station can not be fully compatible with Windows laptops.
This dual monitor dock is designed for MacBook(Not M1/M2).

Q: Why won’t it show 2 nonitors?

A: Please advise the exact laptop model so I can check for you.Macbook Pro 2016-2020 MacBook Air 2018-2020(NOT M1) can extend 2 monitors.
Any further questions, please feel free to let us know via support@tobenone.com.

Q: Is this device Displaylink compatible?

A: No,it is plug and play dock for MacOS.

Q: Does this MacBook Pro docking station dual monitor need any setup procedures?

A: This MacBook Pro docking station dual monitor is driver-free, plug and play, so you do not need any setup procedures.

Q: Cant get audio when connecting two hdmi monitors. With 1 connected its fine. Why?

A: Please foloow below steps to set up the Audio play on MacBook computer:
System Preferences → Sound → select the sound output device (Built-in Speakers is computer sound, Dispiay is monitor / TV sound, USB is headphone sound)

Q: Can this output 4k @60hz via 1 hmdmi and 1440p @ 60hz at the same time?

A: Our Dual Monitor MacBook Pro Docking Station can output 4K@60hz and 1440p@60hz at the same time.
Please set it in the following steps: Setting-Display-Scaled (choose the appropriate resolution).

Q: Is one able to charge their macbook while using this macbook pro usb c adapter?

A: Yes, Please attach your MacBook power adapter to the docking station so you can charge your MacBook while using this MacBook Pro USB C adapter.

Q: I just want to play music from my macbook pro. can i do this with this usb c docking station dual monitor?

A: Yes, you can play music from MacBook Pro with this USB C docking station dual monitor. 3.5mm Audio/Microphone supports audio in and out. Only compatible with Macbook Pro 2016-2020 MacBook Air 2018-2020.

Q: Can i buy a longer cable for this?

A: It is suggested that use the cables we ship with the docking station because the long cable will affect the video signal transmission.

Q: What is the power consumption of the unit? with only usb and ethernet connected, it seems to be drawing more than 87w for a 13" mbp which is 61w.

A: This dock is equipped with a USB C power delivery port that supports max 100W power input, which means it can allow a 100W USB C power adapter connected. When attached a USB C charger more than 100W, this dock will offer about 87W power charging for compatible MacBook. If you use a 30W, 60W or 96W Apple power adapter, then the dock will offer less charging for MacBook Pro Air like 60W, the dock will offer 49W charging for MacBook.

Q: Can the front usb-c port of this triple display usb-c hub supports display?

A: Sorry to say that the front USB-C port supports data transfer, NOT for Alternate mode DisplayPort.

Q: What are the transfer speed of the usb 3.0 port and usb-c port?

A: The transfer speed of the USB 3.0 port and USB-C port is 5gbps/s.

Q: Does it come with 100W power adapter?

A: Sorry to say that this MacBook Pro docking station dual monitor doesn't come with 100W power adapter. Please attach your laptop's power adapter to the PD port of the dock.

Q: Does usb c docking station dual monitor come with the wire?

A: Yes, USB C docking station dual monitor come with the wire which can connect the docking station and the laptop.

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