UDS012 Hub FAQ

Q: Can i use a usb a to usb c adapter to enable the use of multiple monitors with this device?

A: Sorry to say that our dock cannot use a USB A to USB C converter to extend monitor.You can buy a driver based dock.

Q: Should i install drivers before use this usb c docking station?

A: This docking station is plug and play, so there is no need to install drivers before using this USB C docking station.

Q: Can audio play through the hdmi to my hdtv?

A: Yes! This laptop docking station can audio play through the HDMI to HDTV.

Q: Will this dual monitor usb c adapter work with the surface go featuring a usb c port?

A: This dock will work with most laptops supporting a full-featured USB-C connection.

Q: Since my laptop doesn't have usb-c port; will this work with an adapter?

A: Sorry, our USB C dual monitor docking station can not be fully compatible with your laptop due to your laptop without a full-featured USB Type-C port.


Q: Does this 2 hdmi usb c hub have the ability to support two screens?

A: Yes, this is a dual monitor usb c hub allows you to connect dual monitors via 2 HDMI ports or one HDMI and one VGA port.

Q: Can sd and tf cards be used at the same time?

A: Sorry to say that the SD and TF cards cannot use at the same time.

Q: Dose it have a port for a ethernet cable ?

A: Sorry,this USB C hub do not have an Ethernet port.


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