UDS021S Docking Station Stand FAQ

Q: What is the material of the usb c hub stand?

A: The USB C Hub stand is made of aluminum alloy, with a good heat dissipation effect, lightweight and beautiful appearance.

Q: How is the heat dissipation of this usb c docking station?

A: This usb c multiport adapter's hollow design and aluminum materials help the laptop fast dissipate heat.

Q: Is this compatible with windows 11?

A: Please ensure your laptop with full-featured USB C port or thunderbolt 3/4 port before you purchase this usb c hub. Or you can advise your exact laptop model, so I can check for you.

Q: Does the sd/tf port of this hdmi adapter for macbook pro support read at the same time?

A: The SD/TF port of this HDMI adapter for MacBook pro does not support reading simultaneously.

Q: Does this laptop docking station riser whether come with a single usb c cable?

A: Yes, this laptop docking station riser comes with a single USB C cable.

Q: What is the adjustment angle range of this laptop docking station?

A: The laptop docking station stand can adjust the angle range between 0-360° elevating the laptop screen to a perfect line of sight.

Q: Can i charge my windows laptop through this usb c dongle?

A: Please feel free to attach your laptop's USB C charger to this usb c dongle's PD port, so both dock and laptop have enough power to run smoothly.

Q: Is usb c dock able to handle the wire mouse and keyboard connected to USB ports at the same time?

A: This USB C dock has 2 USB 3.0 ports, so you can connect with your mouse and keyboard at the same time.

Q: I do not have a usb type c port. can I use this macbook pro dock to connect an external monitor to expand or mirror computer content?

A: Sorry, this MacBook pro dock can not be fully compatible with your laptop due to your laptop without a Thunderbolt 3 port or full-featured USB Type-C port.

Q: Can usb c hub stand for macbook pro be disassembled into a hub and a stand, and used separately?

A: Absolutely yes, TOBENONE usb c hub stand for MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and Windows laptop has perfectly combined the function of USB C hub and laptop stand. According to your need, the USB C dock stand can be detached into a USB C hub and a laptop stand. One thing for two purposes, which can meet your various needs.

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