UDS025 Docking Station Description

  • Plenty of Ports Apple Docking Station MacBook Pro: With a compatible Thunderbolt 3 MacBook Pro/Air, this docking station MacBook pro can charge your MacBook, and connect up to 2 extended monitors via HDMI or VGA. It also adds all of the following: multiple USB ports including USB C at 10 Gbps, USB A ports, USB 2.0 ports for your wireless devices, a Gigabit Ethernet connection, 3.5mm headphone, and microphone jacks, and even an SD/TF card slot to your MacBook.Plug-and-play MacBook Air dock for multi-monitor usage.

  • MacBook Pro Docking Station Dual Monitor with 65W Power Supply: This apple MacBook pro dock station comes with a 65W power supply, it charges your MacBook at about 58W with the provided charger using 7W to power to dock, which would provide you a stable charging for your MacBook and connected devices. If you use the original Apple USB-C charger it had a higher wattage of an 87W power supply, which charges at 79W. Because the PD port supports a max of up to 100W.

  • Up to 8TB of additional Capacity for your MacBook: This MacBook SSD enclosure is equipped with an SSD card slot (SSD Card not included) which can easily add up to 8TB of additional storage to simplify your work-from-home setup. SSD is very simple - just plug and play! M.2 SSD supports Nvme&SATA, including 80mm (2280), 60mm (2260). Does NOT support B key SSD.Adding SSD memory is a great place for storage of photos or back-ups of your MacBook.

  • Totally 7 USB Ports & 10Gbps Data Transfer MacBook Pro Docking Station: TobenONE MacBook dock features a USB C port and a USB A 3.1 port, providing super-fast transfer rates of up to 10Gbps – so you can transfer and backup your files in seconds. Extra USB ports with 5 Gbps also can help you transfer your data and 3 USB 2.0 ports allow you to connect your wireless devices flawlessly to this dock station for MacBook pro. So you can connect a variety of devices and use Multiple monitors to your MacBook.

  • Dual 4K Monitors Macbook Docking Station Dual Monitor HDMI: With TobenONE MacBook dock USB C with power, you can access dual 4K monitors via HDMI and VGA ports, enjoying even more crystal-clear streaming. For MacBook with DP1.4, the max resolution of HDMI 1 and HDMI 2 is 4K@60Hz; while the VGA port can reach 1080P@60Hz. Note: HDMI 2 and VGA extend the same content due to the same signal. Since the video cables are in the back of the MacBook air docking station, you can get rid of wire clutter for your office and looks very clean and neat.

  • Special Dock for MacBooks w/2 Thunderbolt 3 Ports: This mac docking station dual monitor is specially designed for MacBooks with two Thunderbolt 3 ports, including the MacBook Pro 13inch 2016-2021, MacBook Pro 14inch 2021, MacBook Pro 15inch 2016-2019, MacBook Pro 16inch 2019/2021, and the MacBook Air (Retina 13-inch) 2018-2020. Note: MacBooks with the regular M1/M2/M3 chip can extend one monitor; MacBooks with the M1 Pro/M1 Max/M2 Pro/M2 Max/M3 Pro/M3 Max chip can extend dual monitors.No need to install drivers to use multiple monitors with MacBook.

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