UDS028 USB C Docking Station FAQ

Q: If i connect dual 4k monitor with hdmi, can i use this type c docking station to get both 4k resolutions? (hope at 60hz)

A: Sure, this USB C docking station dual monitor HDMI supports dual 4K@30Hz HDMI monitors.
Please make sure your laptop's USB C port support DP1.4. And HDMI cable/monitor also supports 4K resolution at the same time, or the video output will not be 4K.

Q: Do this surface docking station dual monitors have any update from the prior dock?

A: One of the design improvements is to put the card reader slots on the side that is designed to face the user, rather than the side that is designed to face the wall. The 3.5mm audio output and 4 USB inputs, also are located in the front of the dock giving you very easy access to ports you use frequently. And the flat form factor design helps prevent the weight of cables on one side from tipping it over. It's great for wire management.

Q: How do i use surface docking station and power up my laptop at the same time? what's the wattage? i have a surface Pro 7

A: This USB C docking station comes with a 65W power supply. Please attach it to the DC port of the docking station for stable usage. It will offer a max of 57W power charging for your laptop Surface Pro 7 and the dock charge.

Q: Will this computer dock station takes up a lot of space on my workstation? portable?

A: It is a space-saving USB C docking station that has a small footprint and compact design. The dimensions of the dock are 4.5*3.3*1.5inches. With only 3.0 Oz in weight, it is perfect for taking it out to travel or on business trips.

Q: Is there a warranty coming with the dual monitor docking station with power delivery?

A: Sure, there are 2 years warranty coming with the type c docking station with 2 HDMI ports.

Q: Do all usb ports on the usb c docking station provide 10gb/s performance?

A: Please note that the USB 3.1 and USB C 3.1 ports on the USB C docking station provide 10Gb/s performance(transfer speeds up to 10Gbps) which allows you to transfer large files in seconds from your USB flash driver, USB, or USB C hard disks, etc.

Q: Laptop no usb-c port,use a usb-c to usb adapter, can i still have all function of the computer hub docking station work?

A: Sorry, this TOBENONE docking station with power supply is not compatible the laptop doesn't have USB-C port. Our docking station is only compatible with the Windows laptop with a full-feature USB C port or thunderbolt 3/4 port(support display/data transfer/power charging). Otherwise, you cannot have all functions of the docking station work.

Q: Will this laptop docking station dual monitor 2 hdmi work with your laptop closed, or do i have to keep the laptop open?

A: Sure, this USB C dual monitor docking station works with your laptop closed.
Please set to close the lid in the power settings to continue.
Detailed steps:
1. Click the right mouse button on a blank space on the desktop, and select "Display Settings" in the pop-up menu;
2. On the left side of the setting interface, find the "Power and Sleep" option and enter;
3. On the right side, a list of all functions related to "power and sleep" will be displayed, scroll down the list, find "other power settings" and click to enter;
4. In the pop-up "Power Options" interface, click "Select the function to close the lid" on the left to enter;
5. Then in the detailed setting interface of the function, find the option to close the lid, set it to "do not take any action", and then confirm to exit.
Any further questions about the USB-C docking station dual monitor, please feel free to let us know via support@tobenone.com

Q: Lenovo flex 5 15iil05, i bought this usb c dock station to drive dual monitors in extend mode, but it doesn't work, why?

A: Sorry, this dual monitor USB C docking station cannot be fully compatible with your laptop. Because your laptop's USB-C port only supports data transfer, not for power delivery and alt-mode display. This means your laptop can't be extended dual monitor and be charged when working with our dual-monitor docking station.

Q: I need to install software to use this dell docking station usb c ? or just by connect it to the laptop, plug and play?

A: Just plug and play. You don't need to install software to use this docking station USB C. just connect it to the laptop and it works well.

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