UDS030 Docking Station FAQ

Q: Do I need a driver to make this USB C docking station work?

A: Yes, this dock requires downloading and installing a DisplayLink driver before using this USB C docking station.

Q: Why this docking station need to record the laptop screen?

A: Because the docking station uses screen recording to display the screen. But the DisplayLink app doesn't store or record any screen content really.

Q: Does this docking station cannot play any streaming platforms(Netflix, Udemy, etc)? The screen will be black?

A: Yes, this dock uses screen recording to display the screen. Since the screen is recording, you cannot watch any HDCP content(Netflix/Prime/ iTunes/Hulu/etc), the screen will be black. Any driver-based dock cannot support watching any HDCP content.

Q: Why I cannot extend dual 4K@60Hz monitors via this DisplayLink docking station?

A: To achieve 4K@60Hz, monitor and cable must support 4K@60Hz resolution and refresh rate.

Q: Will this usb-c docking station with power delivery support 4 monitors?

A: No, this dock has four video connections but only can extend two monitors. Display 1=HDMI1 or DP1, Display 2=HDMI2 or DP2. You could make the choice according to your needs: connect two HDMI monitors, two DP monitors, one HDMI & one DP monitors.


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